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In cinema today there is a lack in narratives for the LGBTIQA+ community. Narratives for the confused and struggling members within the the community. People who can't find the courage to speak up for themselves. It is those narratives and stories that should be shown and told on screen.

This film has a primarily female driven cast and with a LGBTIQA+ crew. The director of the film is gender non-binary and gay. Beyond that the film stars a women of color as well as having an LGBTIQA+ storyline. It is written, directed, and designed by members within the LGBTIQA+ community.

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Starring: Amelia Windom, Hannah Karpenko, Glenna Brunken 

with Austin Kirk and Adrian Ruiz Diaz.

Directed/Written by: John e. Kilberg

Produced by: John e. Kilberg, Amelia Windom, Austin Kirk and Adrian Ruiz Diaz

Cinematography: John Dionisio

Edited by: Ling Chua

Sound edited by: Evan Anderson

Score by: Laura Dadap and John Gilmartin