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home alone, baby blue

Upon entering his family home he’s haunted by fragments of a tortured past. Within the trappings of this house he begins to unravel the trappings of his mind. With every move he comes closer and closer to finding himself once more.

This is the first scripted short to be done by person(all).

A film by and featuring John e. Kilberg Also featuring Adrian Ruiz Diaz

Score by Laura Dadap and John Gilmartin

Song by Hope Arnold and Matthew McClintock

the delivery pt. 1

an ooky spooky halloween short 

In an unexpected turn of rather common events, someone's night is tormented and he’s transformed into a very hungry boy. 

A film by John E. Kilberg
Written by 
Austin Kirk


Ryan Ortega 

Esaú Cesar Mora 

Austin Kirk 

Dominique Brillon

Score by Samuel Thomas Campoli

Producers John E. Kilberg Austin Blunk Esaú Cesar Mora